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Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Moscow Cat Theatre

Directed by Marilyn Agrelo. You'€™ll be hard-pressed to find a more unusual circus, or father-daughter performing duo.
The Moscow Cat Theatre is just that: a travelling show of cats that perform amazing tricks for the owners who love and train them.
Everybody in Russia may be used to seeing cats perform tricks, as the theatre’s manager explains in this funny, charming film, but felines walking tightropes, crossing the stage on giant balls and walking upside down is not a common sight in most countries.
As balalaika and accordion circus score plays in the background,
Creative Director Vladimir and daughter Maria combine their love of cats and stage to create a captivating act and illustrate the tricks of the trade – giving new meaning to the expression '€˜herding cats'€™.

Дрессура с кошками - Федоровы (2011)

Quelle und Dank an:  www.youtube.com/user/cinelanfilms?feature=watch
und  www.youtube.com/user/CircusNikulin?feature=watch

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